This is Ispolink

Ispolink brings together its bulgarian roots with cutting-edge technology. Our name combines the words "Ispolin" with the meaning of a legendary giant in Bulgarian mythology, and "Link" which stands for the human connections we make possible.


We bring the recruitment experience to a whole new level by ensuring a great cultural fit and high employee satisfaction

a clear VISION

We're seamlessly connecting industry leading tech talents with businesses by leveraging AI and Blockchain technologies

This is our Story.

This is our Story.

This is our Story.

Our Story

q4 2020

q4 2020

The foundation

Building the team, creating a business plan and setting up the roadmap

q1 2021

Start building

Internal alpha testing

q1 2021

q2 2021

q2 2021

Going public

Public token sale, beta test and analyzing the results

q3 2021

Product development

Adding calendar feature, optimizing navigation and hiring process

q3 2021

q4 2021

q4 2021

More steps forward

Listing on Kucoin and PancakeSwap, developing the ISP wallet and staking mechanisms, new website

What's next?

We have a lot in the pipeline for the coming months - here are just some examples of what we're planing for the Ispolink platform

Q1 2022

Mainnet Launch

Q2 2022

CEX Listings and Onboarding blockchain firms

Q3 2022

ATS Integration

Q4 2022

Mobile Version

Developing a game-changing platform requires expertise from a wide spectrum of fields.

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