We Build the Future of Work on Web3

Ispolink is a Metaverse based cross-chain platform for developers, leveraging BSC and AI. We empower Blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi and Gaming companies to source leading Web3 talents seamlessly

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Ispolink is The Job Search Engine of The Metaverse


Ispolink Is Building Key Infrastructure Crucial for the Evolvement of the Blockchain Industry


After a $1.6M round the blockchain-based HR company Ispolink launches beta version of its platform


Ispolink: The go-to platform for Web3, Blockchain and Crypto Talents

Ispolink connects crypto firms, Metaverse projects, Gaming companies, DeFi businesses and NFT projects with the talents they need. To make this possible, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution that empowers your business with a full set of tools to navigate the entire selection process flawlessly and source talents in a blink of an eye. Our decentralized, multi-chain, interoperable solution enables users to utilize the platform at scale through a native ISP token.

More Features for you.

More Features for you.

For Companies

Struggle to find the right employee? We give you access to a global talent pool so you can start hiring fast and efficiently with unbiased AI algorithms


For Talents

Find your dream job today: We bring you the best Jobs in your field, from blockchain development to UX/UI design


Not only key features but our quality guarantee

Machine learning

We use machine learning to find and match the best fit for you

Crypto payments

You can pay for all hiring services with native cryptocurrency

Verified education

We register and verify the authenticity of degrees on the blockchain

Instant Feedback

Instant feedback to applicants, no more waiting, no more stress, no poor experiences

Employer Branding

Get acquainted with company’s values, brand, culture and accomplishments

Automated Screening

We save you valuable resources by automating the screening process

We make your daily life much easier

Our Dashboard provides you all the Information you need to find the right job and communicate with the companies you like to work with. It's your hub to the main features of the Ispolink platform.

Get job recommendations

Overview of your latest messages

See your wallet balance

See your latest notifications

Plan and keep track of your interviews

We provide you the tools you need to keep track of all your upcoming interviews. Schedule your interviews in our simple and easy to use interface and never miss a meeting again.

Switch easily between your favorite blockchain networks

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) and thousands of applications.

polygon (matic)

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Use our Polygon bridge

Binance smart chain (BSC)

A fast and secure digital asset exchange based on the highly performant matching engine built on distributed consensus.

Use our BSC bridge

Seeking and finding - whenever, wherever

The Ispolink Platform is fully responsive and will be available for every mobile device (Android and iOS). Seek and find your dream job and the best employees whenever and wherever you want.

The ISP Token

Ispolink is powered by an interoperable, decentralized ecosystem in which users can purchase services, earn rewards securely and reliably with our native cryptocurrency $ISP


buy $ISP on the following exchanges

Benefits by using crypto

Using crypto currency and blockchain technology has multiple benefits for you as a user and your user experience while using the Ispolink platform


Strengthen security for sensitive personal and financial data


Improve recruiting processes, verification of job qualifications and background checks


Streamline payroll, contractor payments and vendor tracking


Automate taxes and mitigate the strain of audits

News & recent developments

Updates and News from the Ispolink world. We are Always improving, growing and reinventing ourselves.

July 22, 2022


January 24, 2022


May 21, 2022


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