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Ispolink Partners up with LimeAcademy for a Metaverse Event

Ispolink is happy to share a collaboration with LimeAcademy for the Academy's first-ever metaverse event. LimeAcademy helps experienced developers make the transition to the blockchain space. They provide high quality educational content, online courses and a hands-on learning experience to help developers upskill and gain knowledge in blockchain development. Ispolink, a gamified blockchain platform for Developers and Web3 talents, successfully hosted the first-ever Metaverse Event with LimeAcademy!

During the first ever fully immersive Metaverse event on January 16, 2023: „The roadmap to becoming a Blockchain Developer“ both teams answered questions to the audience such as where to start learning the necessary skills to become a blockchain dev, and why the Web3 space and its projects are cutting edge and worth working on.

By working together on the metaverse event, LimeAcademy and Ispolink are at the forefront of a promising trend. According to a recent Deloitte study, the majority of Gen Z, Millennials play video games on a weekly basis. Over 60% of them are between the ages of 18 and 24, which means they're close to or currently entering the workforce. Those generations are native to online engagement and collaboration, community-building, and problem-solving in virtual spaces. Gamification and virtual worlds will reshape the future of work in all kinds of ways. We already see companies expanding their organizational structures to include new roles such as director of Metaverse Engineering, Head of Web3, Avatar Creator, Virtual Architect, Builder, and Real Estate Agent.

Ispolink aids LimeAcademy to pioneer and provide the educational foundation and immersive virtual experience for Web3 developers by eliminating geographical and physical constraints and allowing developers from all over the world to gather in one virtual space. We enable people to have more engaging interactions, like using their customized avatar to go and find individuals and chat with them in an immersive environment. We will make it possible to solve technical tasks together, hold lectures and workshops, collaborate and have real work-like interactions.

We're looking forward to seeing you in the Metaverse!