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The Ispolink Metaverse

The Gamified Workforce

With Ispolink you can enter the Workforce of the Future now! Our immersive mixed-merged Metaverse worlds are built for collaboration: increase your team productivity and recreate all physical experiences - from team meetings and internal educations, to fun parties and big conferences.

Events and Gamification

Unique Parties and Rewarding Games

Our Metaverse services are not limited only to work environments. Arrange unforgettable parties and activities. Socialize and nurture a close-knit team with our engaging mini-games. Show your future colleages how cool your Company is!

Game-Changing Employer Branding

Building a recognizable employer brand has a huge impact on attracting and retaining top talents. To help your business to stand out and differentiate, Ispolink offers unique brand positioning opportunities in the Metaverse.

Our Metaverse Packages

Renting Virtual Office Space

Rent a floor in the Ispolink Skyscaper and establish your business in the metaverse

Personal Metaverse Office to conduct internal meetings, interviews etc.

Shared Large Meeting room

Shared Conference Room

Shared Social hub for Relaxation, Networking

Renting Metaverse Headquarter

Setup your own Metaverse HQ to showcase your products and services in an immersive way

All the benefits of the Renting Virtual Office Space package

Customizable interior

Styled according to your brand and company Logo upon the estate

2 tailor made NFTs that can be exhibited

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Renting HQ in Luxury Mansion

This very limited space allows you establish your business in the most unique and individual way possible

All the benefits of the previous package

More spacious and superior interior design

Private beach and balcony, mini golf, football, Volleyball and more games

4 tailor made NFTs that can be exhibited in the NFT Gallery

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