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We are AI-natives: How Ispolink uses AI to boost your Blockchain Career

Since the public release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic. Not only that, we see a hype in the Web3 space too. The tokens of projects like SingularityNET and Vaiot saw price movements of 100% or more in only a few days. It's crystal clear, AI is changing the world.

Here at Ispolink we have known that for years already, that's why we're AI-natives: Since we've started developing our product, AI has always been a crucial part of it. Ispolink leverages a unique AI-powered matching engine to sourcing the best Web 3 talents and job offerings.

You're struggling to find the right employee for your position? No problem, our AI will help you with that. Are you searching for days to find your dream job on other platforms? Don't worry, with our AI we'll make sure you'll find the best job for you on our platform.

But let's dive a bit deeper into how it works and why we're planning to do nothing else but revolutionize the workforce space.

Ispolink’s Matching Engine: the heart of the platform

When a company wants to hire a new employee, the typical process would be to post a job offering on a couple of job boards, wait until enough candidates apply and manually sift through the pile of CVs that they’ve received. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t scale and it’s prone to error. What if the company wanted to hire 10 or 100 more employees? They need to go through this excruciating process again and again.

Here at Ispolink, we do things differently. Let’s leave the outdated hiring processes in the past. Our internal AI-powered matching engine does all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding your next employee.

Without revealing too much of our secret sauce, we analyze the published Job offering by the company and we take into account everything - the desired experience, education, the soft skills and knowledge in a specific tech like L2 scaling solutions, EVM-based languages like Solidy, Vyper, etc. We match all of those requirements against the global user base of the Ispolink platform. Each CV is analyzed against all of the job requirements and a weight gets assigned to each component.

Another cool thing is that for Web3 related positions, we also take into account the open-source contributions of candidates. We analyze each Github profile and categorize the user experience based on the technologies that they’ve worked with. This also allows us to verify the authenticity of their experience.

After we’ve conducted a detailed analysis of all the above mentioned requirements, we calculate a match rate which is instantly displayed to companies. No more waiting for new applications, no more manual screening. With a few clicks, companies can instantly choose among the best industry talents and Web3 developers.

What’s coming up

Our matching engine is the solid base that Ispolink steps on, but that’s not the end. We plan to include many more AI utilities and algorithms to make the hiring process even better!

AI to parse CVs

As the number of users on our platform grows, we plan to introduce automated CV extraction and analysis. By using NLP-based algorithms, we want to make the life of job seekers easier by extracting and cross-referencing every piece of information - tech skills, education, open-source contributions, etc. This machine learning algorithm will prepare the extracted information from the CV into a suitable form that our Matching Engine expects and understands.

Our AI recommends potential candidate for your vacant job

You’ve heard about Netflix and Spotify, right? I mean, who doesn’t know about them?! The reason why those companies are crazy popular and successful is because of their suggestion algorithms. The underlying technology behind those tech giants is the so-called recommender system. The advanced recommender systems of Netflix and Spotify were the key game-changers that made those fortune companies stand out. Fine-tuned content based on the user’s tastes and preferences is what makes them so relevant and useful even today.

Okay, but what does this have to do with Ispolink? It has everything to do with Ispolink, because we’re going to build a similar type of recommender system. As the number of hired candidates from the Ispolink platform grows, we’re going to analyze the skills and characteristics of those successful hires and feed this data into our own and unique recommender system. Now when companies publish a new job offering, our AI-assisted guide will suggest potential candidates and help you to choose the most favorable and competent employee.

We believe that building such a system is key to becoming the next big player in this industry and set a new standard for the future of work and hiring!

That's how Ispolink changes the workforce space with AI

In conclusion, the Ispolink platform uses AI-powered matchmaking and machine learning technology to connect job seekers with the perfect job opportunities and companies with the right employee. Our advanced algorithms and deep learning capabilities allow us to analyze a wide range of data points and match job seekers with the most relevant job openings.

Ispolink's AI-powered matchmaking engine takes into account multiple factors, and it's constantly learning and adapting to provide better matches over time. Our AI will identify patterns and trends in the job market, making it a valuable tool for both job seekers and employers. Ispolink's AI-powered matchmaking engine is efficient, fast and easy to use, which makes job searching more efficient, accurate and effective over time.

By Nikolay Pavlov