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Announcing Ispolink’s Global Marketing & Ambassador Program

We're excited to announce our first Global Marketing & Ambassador and program, kicking off a series of events with a campaign on Zealy!

In this blog post you're going to learn how to participate and take part in our first major community initiative. Spread the word about Ispolink, invite your friends over to our platform and earn $ISP!

Join the Zealy campaign here:

Important note: all rewards will be distributed on BNB Chain

Referral code, reward types and leveling-up

As a first step, you need to create your account on the Ispolink app. Once signed up, you’ll be able to find the “Referral” tab on the Wallet page. Key highlights on this page are the referral code, the referral bonus levels and the wallet overview.

To get started, you need to copy your referral code and share it with your friends on social media. Tell a few words about Ispolink and its game-changing approach that we connect the best Web3 companies in the space with the most talented Web3 devs in a fun and exciting way! And don’t forget to include the hashtag #ispolink!

Access your referral code (Desktop)

Access your referral code (Mobile)

You can track the number of people that registered on Ispolink with your referral code under the "Referral bonus levels". There are 3 distinct categories that can bring you $ISP:

  • Referred friend has signed up via Email
  • Referred friend has signed up via Github
  • Referred friend has been hired by a Company in the Ispolink app

In the top-right corner of each reward, you can view the total number of users that were invited through your referral code. Your level-up status is displayed as a loading progress bar around the cup. Under the cup, you can view the current and remaining numbers to complete the level. Once you level-up in a category, you're eligible to claim your $ISP rewards!

The claiming process is really simple. Under the wallet overview, you'll find a section with the number of tokens you can claim and a button "Claim rewards". Once you click on it, you'll need to sign a standard transaction using your Metamask wallet. After that you should see your updated balance.


We’ve prepared a leaderboard which will rank the most active and loyal users of the Ispolink platform! Track your progress, compete with your friends and earn $ISP while having fun!

Reward quest - “Complete your profile”

Ready for more? We reward loyal users of the Ispolink platform when they complete their profile. To do that, navigate to the “Profile” page and hit the “Edit” button.

Step 1

Complete profile - Step 1 (Desktop)

Make sure to fill in the basic info about yourself: social media accounts (Github), your CV, skills and work-related experience

Complete profile - Step 2 (Desktop)

Here are instructions how to access and complete your profile from a Mobile device.

Complete profile (Mobile)
Step 2: Submit your completed profile

Now that your profile has been completed, you’re ready to apply for the profile completion rewards! Head over to the Wallet page and navigate to the “Rewards” tab.

Make sure your wallet is connected, otherwise you won’t be able to submit your profile for review!

Ambassador Program - $10,000 worth of $ISP

We’re launching a dedicated ambassador program with a prize pool of $10,000 in $ISP for all  influencers, content writers, YouTubers, TikTokers, people with established communities in Crypto Twitter, Discord and other social platforms. Want to be part of Ispolink’s success? Spread the word about Ispolink, invite your friends and followers so they can kick off their Web3 careers with the most innovative startups and businesses in the blockchain space.

Want to participate? Fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you very soon!