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Ispolink Announces Triple Public sale

We are extremely excited to announce that Ispolink will hold a public sale across three of the most popular platforms between April 28th and May 6th: Gate, Ignition and DAO Maker. Each platform will launch its sale at slightly different times, and follow a different set of rules.

This article will outline the ways in which you can take part in the upcoming public sale. This sale will not last long, and getting in on the action early on is crucial.

How to purchase $ISP tokens on DAO Maker

Registration opens for the DAO Maker ISPO event on April 30th at noon UTC for 24 hours. Winners are announced within 6 hours.

Taking part in the Ispolink IDO SHO event on DAO Maker is similar to the process for, except for requiring a minimum of $1000 USDC pre-funded, 500 DAO staked and holding 500 DAO power. There will be 190 winners who will receive a $500 allocation of $ISP.

Read full research page here

How to purchase $ISP tokens on Ignition

All individuals interested in participating in the Ispolink IDO on Ignition can register NOW (from April 28th) on the whitelist found here

The Whitelist closes on May 1st at 4 AM UTC and the actual IDO goes live on Ignition May 6th at 11 AM UTC.

Ignition, powered by PAID, has several lottery rules for all applicants, which must be met to be eligible to enter the draw. There are four major phases that must be performed in the correct order to successfully participate:

· Whitelisting: Public application process, that includes the submission of identifying information, Metamask ERC Wallet address(es), and confirmation of understanding lottery rules and PAID Ignition requirements for eligibility. If you win, your masked ERC address will be included on the list of winners, and you’ll move on to the next step, KYC.

· Log in to Ignition and join a pool: Joining of one or more launch pools on the Ignition platform for lottery winners, to redeem IDO tokens at project launch.

· Redeem Tokens: Tokens can be redeemed AFTER the project is trading AND finalizes the pool on Ignition.

Aside from this, applicants must hold a minimum of one thousand (1,000) $PAID tokens in each wallet included in their whitelist submission, and must not be located in one of the prohibited countries

How to Purchase $ISP tokens on

The Gate IEO for Ispolink goes live on 5th May at 2 AM UTC for 24 hours. Ispolink’s DAO SHO will have a portion sale on’s startup. Eligible participants on must agree to lock up an equal value of DAO to their share of purchased $ISP tokens for 15 days. The individual cap is 5,000 DAO.

Participants will purchase their $ISP using USDG and therefore should have both a sufficient supply of USDG and DAO in their wallet before purchasing at the event. The price has been set at $0.0016 USDG/ISP. Each account can only purchase once and all accounts will have equal preference provided they are placed by qualified users with the 24-hour IEO event period. Results will be announced within 2 hours following the event closure, and tokens will be released according to the token release schedule at the TGE.

Gate research page can be found here

Thank you for showing interest in our IDO event, and we hope you choose to participate. We are confident that Ispolink will become the leading cross-chain platform for tech talents and want you to join us in our future success. Start now by taking your chance at locking up some $ISP over the next week. Good luck!