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Ispolink BSC Bridge Goes Live! How To Bridge ISP to BSC Network

We’re excited to release the long awaited Ispolink BSC Token Bridge! You can access the bridge at: now all users that want to trade ISP on Pancakeswap are able to transfer their ERC20 ISP effortlessly.

The Ispolink bridge will charge users a 1% fixed fee for every swap. Half of the fee goes to the Ispolink team, and the other half goes for bridge maintenance. To encourage the growth of our platform we’re implementing a deflationary mechanism, that is to conduct token burn event of the accumulated fees every 2 weeks.

Guide: How To Bridge ISP to BSC Network

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to bridge your ISP tokens to Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) through the Ispolink bridge.


You need to have ETH and ISP tokens on Ethereum network. You also need to have BNB tokens on BSC network.

Transfer ISP tokens using the Ispolink bridge

Head over to the Ispolink bridge and connect to your wallet:

Ispolink BSC bridge

Select your wallet of choice. We will be using MetaMask in this guide.

Select wallet

Enter the amount of ISP tokens that you want to transfer to Binance Smart Chain.

If this is your first time interacting with the Ispolink bridge, you need to Approve your wallet.

After your wallet approval transaction completes, you need to press “Swap” to bridge your tokens to BSC. You may want to adjust the transaction fee accordingly if you want your transfer to complete more quickly.

Wait until your transaction is processed. When ready, a successful message should appear.

As a side note, if you want to complete your transfer later, you can access your pending Withdrawals at any time using the navigation:

Now you’d want to switch to BSC network to complete the withdrawal process. Press the “Switch Network” button and confirm through MetaMask.

Upon switching to BSC network, a prompt to complete the withdrawal should appear. Press “Retrieve Token Now”.

A side menu which lists all your pending transactions should appear. Click on the “+” sign to expand the pending withdrawal. After that, press “Withdraw Item” and confirm the transaction. You may want to adjust the transaction fee.

After the withdrawal is complete, you should see your ISP tokens on the BSC network. Make sure to add the ISP token to MetaMask in order to see your balance.