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Ispolink BUIDL update - November 2023

We're halfway through Q4 2023 and we've got a lot of exciting development updates to share! Last quarter we launched the most requested feature by Ispolink users - $ISP in-app staking. If you haven't staked your $ISP yet, read our previous detailed guide with step-by-step instructions.

Why a stunning UX/UI is required for Web3 mass adoption

At Ispolink, we believe that the key to mass adoption of web3 apps like Ispolink is a good UX/UI. Most web3 applications and protocols suffer from the lack of intuitive UX/UI. That's because of the inherent nature of web3 applications - decentralization. Web3 apps give the user more control over the whole process while interacting with the app - managing their own assets, tokens and NFTs. For web2 users who aren't used to this added complexity, this can become a deal breaker.

That's why we continue to improve the UX/UI of the Ispolink platform - aiming to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 apps. You can read more about why the UX/UI in web3 apps is crucial in our previous blog post. Our expert Art Director & UX/UI Designer breaks down everything point by point:

Ispolink Dashboard - UX/UI Improvements

Ispolink's dashboard is simply the most visited page in the Ispolink platform. Based on user feedback we've come up with several changes that make the navigation within the Ispolink app easier and smoother. We're going to highlight some of the important changes below.

Based on user stats, we've identified that Ispolink users access the Wallet page the most. For this reason, we've distilled the most important bits and pieces from the Wallet page and placed them on the Dashboard.

To highlight some of the changes, we've improved the Wallet widget to follow Ispolink's styling guide and color schemes. Right next to it we've placed the Staking widget - all of the necessary information is shown without having to make a click - ISP Staked/Dollar amount, the APR and lock duration. After the Staking widget comes the Quests widget - the latest quests that can earn you some extra points will appear here. You'll be able to complete new quests as soon as we publish them!

The Bridge widget allows you to access our in-app bridging functionality with 1 click! If you want to move your $ISP tokens seamlessly from one chain to another you can do that easily in the Bridge page. Read our detailed blog post which walks you through the process of bridging:

Jobs Card Improvements

Continuing on with the list of improvements, we've revamped the way Jobs on Ispolink are shown. The most prominent change is that we now display salaries on a yearly basis for every Job posting. That way everything is more consistent and it's easier to navigate new Jobs without having to take mental notes and convert the salary rates on the fly.

Mobile UI Improvements

Mobile-first support is basically a standard nowadays and that's why we continue to improve the Ispolink app for Mobile users! Highlighting some of the biggest changes below:

We've improved the Wallet widget on Mobile and now we display more information - ISP token and dollar amounts, price per ISP token, percent change of your holdings and total amount. All while following our latest styling guide and color schemes. Now you can track your ISP portfolio with more precision.


With that we wrap up our BUIDL development update! Make sure to sign in and check the latest changes for yourself!

We haven't stopped BUIDLing during the bear. We're continuing to improve the Ispolink app, aiming to shape the future work on web3! We envision a place where Ispolink will be the go-to Hub for Web3 devs and Web3 companies, nurturing and fostering innovation within the space!

If you're excited as much as we are, make sure to invite your friends over and share about our vision. Subscribe to our news channels to stay up to date with the latest dev updates!