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Ispolink Enters the Metaverse to Shape the Future of Work

We are still very early

Do you remember the first days of the internet? The annoying but iconic sound of a connecting modem? The times when AOL and Netscape dominated the space and uploading a picture took a whole day? Not long after, the dotcom bubble transformed into the biggest technological disruption we've ever seen and multimillion dollar giants such as Ebay, Amazon and Google were born.

Today the same tech giants try to make their stand in the blockchain space and most recently in the metaverse by adjusting their business models to those rising trends. Facebook became "Meta" to embrace the company's new ambitions. Microsoft will be integrating its AR Mesh technology into Teams to create a metaverse experience and Nvidia works on its very own "Omniverse". More big players are on their way to join them and in the meantime the value of already existing metaverse blockchain projects such as The Sandbox and Decentraland has recently exploded.

The metaverse will change everything

There's no doubt about it: In the near future the metaverse will change many aspects of our daily lives in a fundamental way. How we interact and communicate with each other, how we present ourselves in (virtual) public, how we earn money and make a living - and therefore how the whole job economy works. In the past 20 months the whole COVID situation made many people aware of their freedom to not be bound to work in a specific place, but to make a living from nearly every place on earth. You just need your laptop and WiFi and you're ready to go. The metaverse will add another layer to this new global job economy.

Cathie Wood states that the metaverse is a 8 trillion-dollar opportunity and will infiltrate every sector - and one big sector will be the job market. Today we already spent 1/3 of our lifetime at work. When the metaverse will usher in a new era where we live more in the digital world than in reality, what will be the implications for the job market? We will obviously spend a significant amount of time not only playing some MMORPGs or earning tokens, but to live our daily lives in it. During the first days of the internet people thought it would be just a trend, something only nerds and developers would be playing around with. But as we all know today: Those people were wrong. The internet came to stay and changed the world immensely. But while the internet has taking its first steps long ago, the metaverse has still a long way to go. So how can it grow up and mature like the web did?

Ispolink is a blockchain native platform, going into the metaverse

This is where Ispolink comes into play. The evolution we saw with the internet is something we can see now in the exact same way with the metaverse and blockchain: People are just beginning to realize what the true potential of those technologies is. For us here at Ispolink blockchain already is a fundamental part of our business model because we saw its potential years ago and see the technology taking over the world right now. We think the same way about the metaverse and that it offers a once in a lifetime opportunity not only for every company but also for job seekers.

But how will people find jobs in the metaverse? And what will those jobs even look like? Don’t worry, we will help you find your way and guide you on the job market of the future. Ispolink is focused on bringing you talents from the blockchain space, experts on DeFi, NFTs - and now we're also adding metaverse experts to our list. Our goal is to become the hub for talents in this still young but rising decentralized tech economy which will revolve massively around the metaverse.

Three ways Ispolink will shape the metaverse

All that said, there are basically three different ways Ispolink will disrupt the job economy and to help you enter the metaverse.

  1. For job seeker: Find your dream job in the metaverse
  2. For companies: Establish your company in the metaverse
  3. For everyone: Have your job interview in the metaverse

Let me explain those three main disruptions.

1. Find your dream job in the metaverse

Ispolink Metaverse Booth

On the Ispolink platform companies will have the opportunity to offer tech jobs, such as Web3 Developer, Blockchain Developer or Graphic Designer. That's something you did know already. But besides those „classic“ positions metaverse companies can offer you positions especially inside their metaverse. For example, you could work for metaverse companies like The Sandbox or Decentraland as their Metaverse Ecosystem Developer, Metaverse Event Manager or Metaverse Cyber-Security and help them build, maintain and improve their already existing metaverse from the inside. You will find all these job on the Ispolink platform.

But that's not all. There will be a lot of jobs at companies that want to make the transition to the metaverse. Adidas for example has already confirmed its „adiVerse“ on a plot of land in The Sandbox metaverse. Companies will need experts to organize, coordinate and execute the planning, design and programming of such a complex project. Maybe that could be a job for you? Would you like to be the next programmer for the metaverse shop of Nike, Puma or Reebok? Or do you want to be their shop designer? Or marketer? There are so many opportunities!

Adidas bought a plot of land in "The Sandbox" metaverse for its "adiVerse"

And there are even more chances: As metaverses are often connected to a very own ecosystem based on their cryptocurrency, such as $SAND or $MANA, there are a lot of opportunities to make a living inside of those ecosystems. Like a „Farmer“ in World of Warcraft you will be able to earn money by simply grinding for coins and NFTs. Those ecosystems will evolve and new opportunities will arise and jobs we don't even know about yet will be created. Those jobs will also be available on the Ispolink platform. From paid NFT grinder to Play-2-Earn farmer, with Ispolink you choose your career inside the metaverse.

2. Establish your company in the metaverse

With todays Web 2.0 it's very comfortable to extend your existing business to the internet and sell goods and services on a website. Services like Wix and Shopify have made it as easy as never before to get started. Every company today has a website as an extension of their physical business, so a lot of businesses will be interested in not only advertising but expanding their current business model into the metaverse. The metaverse will offer every company a completely new economy. We can see big companies making the step into the metaverse already. Adidas again is a great example for this. The „adiVerse“ will not only work as an e-commerce website but as an unique customer experiences in the virtual world. Customers will be able to have a shopping experience without leaving their homes by walking through the virtual shop instead, looking at the companies products and letting their digital alter ego wear them as they would do in real life.

For sure, the metaverse offers the opportunity to bring customers a completely new kind of experience different from the experience of an e-commerce website or a retail shop. But how can your company start operating inside the metaverse and hire the right tech experts to get started? Don't worry, we got you covered. Whatever kind of business it is – fashion, food, cars, furniture, you name it –  with Ispolink every business can make the transition to the metaverse. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution empowers your business with a full set of tools to navigate the entire talent selection process flawlessly. Source talents with the blink of an eye and make your transition to the metaverse.

3. Have your job interview in the metaverse

Besides working in the metaverse or having a company in the metaverse: How do you even get a job or find the right employee for your company? As our daily lives are getting more and more connected to the digital world, we envision a future where the talent sourcing will undergo a paradigm shift: Companies will use completely new approaches to grow their teams. For instance, they will establish their digital corporate headquarters and organize events in the metaverse to popularize, showcase and educate prospects about their products or service offerings and meet up with potential employees in the metaverse. This will create an entirely new kind of job market.

The Ispolink platform will provide you a fully immersive experience, not only offering you the opportunity to source talents in the metaverse but also have meetings and job interviews in the digital space. You are not only going to be talking to each other on the phone or seeing each other via webcam. You will be virtually sitting in the same space while physically being in completely different places on the planet durring your job interview. This is the interview experience of the future. Sounds like sci-fi, right? We believe it will be part of our daily lives pretty soon. Ispolink will provide you the tools you need to be prepared for this future.

There's more to come: Achievements, Code-2-Earn and the Ispolink Academy

Besides that, we're planing to bring even more innovation to the job market by doing things different, not only with our metaverse approach but on how we build our whole business.

We know that finding a new job or the right employee for your business can be hard. But we want you to enjoy the process and want to reward you for choosing Ispolink. There will be rewards to earn, not only in the metaverse but on the Ispolink plattform itself. We will host events which make you eligable for limited edition NFTs and give you the chance to win great $ISP token prizes.

These events include Code 2 Earn (C2E) competitions. C2E is a novel competitive coding mechanism which will allow you to demonstrate your tech experience by solving specific technical tasks or develope smaller applications. As a top performing user you will not only earn generous $ISP token rewards or unique Ispolink NFTs, but also achievements reflecting your expertise in your user profile.

Also, to even expand your expertise and knowledge, we're building the Ispolink Web3 Academy, the first Metaverse University with the purpose of cultivating Metaverse and Web3 talents through education and training. Take part in workshops, learn new skills and share your knowledge with other web3 enthusiasts on the Ispolink platform.


So there you have it: Ispolink and the metaverse - a perfect match. We will do our work so you can find your dream job in the metaverse and as a company find the best employees for your metaverse project.

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