Ispolink joins Forces with Pax World To Offer Immersive Experiences to its users

January 24, 2022

Ispolink is thrilled to announce a partnership with Pax World - a NFT-based open Metaverse virtual-world owned by its users. Moreover, Ispolink commits strategic investment into Pax World with the goal to establish long-term relationships in a number of areas. As part of the collaboration, Ispolink intends to organize and host events, NFT exhibitions, Live AMAs in the Pax World Metaverse with the goal to create an immersive experience for all $ISP token holders and clients. In addition, both $ISP and $PAXW token holders will have the chance to benefit of upcoming exclusive aidrops, giveaways and access to premium features of both projects.

About Pax World

Pax World is an open and accessible metaverse with an early-mover advantage 🚀

Designed for the new-age, Pax.World is a scalable virtual world enabling users, consumers and businesses to communicate and interact in new ways. From NFT land for brands to create venues and arenas to socializing opportunities, gatherings and virtual events, Pax.World can do it all and take a big step towards the Web3 economy.





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