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Ispolink Launches a Starship Genesis Campaign: Forging a New Path in Web3

A Glimpse of Ispolink’s Journey

Ispolink, the go-to GameFi platform for Web3 developers, embarks on a new venture with the launch of an exciting Galxe campaign! As we get closer towards Ispolink Mainnet, we’ll be revealing a series of events in the following months. In this article we’ll outline some of the details related to our new Starship campaign.

Unveiling Ispolink Starship Genesis Campaign & NFT

We’re rolling out Ispolink Starship Genesis, an exciting campaign on Galxe signaling a new chapter for Ispolink. Early supporters and loyal token holders are in for a treat. We’ll be rewarding generously our most active users by releasing exclusive Ispolink Genesis NFTs and collectibles based on secret criteria. Want to learn how to participate and win? Make sure to join our Galxe Campaign and conquer all quests! As our campign progresses, we’ll be unveiling even more mysterious rewards for everyone who participate.

Scaling Ispolink’s Ecosystem & Builiding Alliances

Our vision is to make Ispolink the biggest Web3 developer hub where seasoned Web3 devs can grow their Web3 tech skillset and knowledge, kick off their crypto Career in a fun and GamiFied way through the Ispolink Platform. To achieve this, we’ll be rolling out series of campaigns that will help us to grow exponentially! Furthermore, to celebrate the upcoming wave of partnerships and onboardings, we’ll be releasing quests related to each new collab!

About Ispolink

Ispolink is a leading ecosystem of AI and Gaming products shaping the Future of Work on Web3

Ispolink’s first product is AI-driven Web3 developer platform. Our decentralized cross-chain platform empowers Crypto, DeFi and Gaming firms to source leading tech talents with AI-powered algorithms.

The Ispoverse is our #Gaming product providing unique immersive Workforce and Education infra for players and brands: Play2Earn, Hackatons, NFT exhibitions,  immersive co-working, collaboration and Education

The ISP token is designed to incentivize our community and empower the Ispolink ecosystem with its multiple utilities: purchase of in-platform services, NFTs, governance rights, staking, referral-based mechanisms, GameFi rewards.