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Ispolink has launched its Testnet

Tough times for a product launch, but a bright future ahead

We know, these are harsh times for every crypto enthusiast. In times like these it can be hard not to look back on the past few weeks but it is important to see the bigger picture instead. Even if the prices have fallen short term, when you zoom out, you can clearly see that the industry keeps building and the demand for web3 talents is higher than ever before. Historically, times like these have always offered the best opportunities to learn, to grow and to build the base of your financial freedom.

Therefore, despite the current market conditions, we here at Ispolink are staying strong and continuing to build our platform. We have no doubt about a bright future of the crypto space – and we want to build this future of web3 with you.

That's why we've released our Testnet as scheduled and have onboarded an outstanding line-up of companies already. We welcome aboard the following companies: PERI Finance, Evedo, Dreamix, Nexo, Ferrum Network, Reef and Citadel DAO.

Testing our Platform right now: PERI Finance, Evedo, Dreamix, Nexo, Ferrum Network, Reef and Citadel DAO

These companies have already posted job offerings on our platform to find new talents to hire. They also share the same values and the same enthusiasm for the blockchain space as we do. Together we contribute our part to the maturing of the crypto space and will constantly move forward to build a better future.

Be part of the web3 revolution

Now with our Testnet launch, you can join us in our journey by simply signing up to the Ispolink Platform today. You're interested in becoming the next Front-End web3 Developer for Nexo? You want to work as a Blockchain Engineer for Ferrum Network? Or will you become the next Smart Contract Developer at PERI Finance? We will bring you the best web3 jobs on the market so you can join the revolution. Become financially free and independent and build meaningful applications for the decentralized world of tomorrow. Sign up today, your new career is only a few clicks away.

Sign up to our Testnet now and find your dream job today

We need your feedback

To make sure we can help change your life, we need your support. As the Testnet is live and open for everybody to sign up, we would love to hear your take on our product. So please be sure to provide feedback after testing the Ispolink platform by clicking on the button in the top navigation bar.

Click on the button and send us your feedback

Join the discussion

We're looking forward to discussing our platform with you on social media. Join the discussion on Twitter or join us on Telegram or Discord and chat with us. You can find the links below.




Thank you so much for your support and your feedback!

Best regards

Jens Gantz
Art Director & UX/UI Designer @ Ispolink