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Ispolink's monthly update #1

What we've accomplished in november

In our monthly update we're going to talk about a calendar integration update, our security audit report, a reward center update, the Web 3 Dev Meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria and more. Let's drive right into it!

1) Calendar integration of external providers

Users are now able to connect their Google and Microsoft calendar to the „Appointments“ section of the Ispolink platform. That way your personal calendar can be easily synchronized with our platform. This will help companies to keep track of their scheduled interviews, they can immediately see if candidates are available and can schedule the interview directly with our integrated appointment and hiring process features. The same features are available to every job seeker. By integrating your calendar into the Ispolink platform you can easily schedule appointments and keep track of the whole hiring process, so you will never miss an interview again.

2) Audit report update

We've addressed and resolved all points from the security audit report regarding our payment system for company subscriptions. Now we're preparing to deploy it on the mainnet. That means company users will soon be able to book hiring packages and metaverse services on the Ispolink platform.

3) Reward center update

Our frontend and backend engineers have finalized one of our first reward mechanisms for Job Seekers: The profile completion rewards! Soon you'll be able to earn $ISP tokens for filling out your user profile – and that's just the beginning. We'll constantly reward you for being active on our platform. Follow our socials to find out more!

4) Responsive design update

We're currently in the process of shifting our desktop oriented implementation to a fully responsive and mobile ready responsive design. You'll be able to search for jobs and talents, schedule interviews, receive rewards and more on every mobile device. The Ispolink app is coming to your phone very soon!

5) Ispolink Web 3 Dev Meetup - Review

Last Sunday, November 27th we organized our first real life event: Ispolink's Web 3 Dev Meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was perceived very well by the developer community in Sofia. It attracted blockchain devs and regular devs interested in learning more about blockchain development and the current state of the Ispolink platform. We saw a spike in new user registrations on our platform right after the event.

It's been a pleasure to meet with and talk to so many passionate developers, motivated to make the transition to web3 with Ispolink.“, Emanuil Pavlov, CEO of Ispolink said. „A special thanks goes to our guest speakers Veslin Georgiev from Binance, Ognyan Chikov from Limechain and Hristo Kochev from Quanterall for sharing their knowledge about blockchain space with the audience“.

To sum it up: The event was a huge success. Despite the overall bearish market sentiment, the demand for web3 developer meetups like this remains unbroken. We received requests from multiple companies to participate as speakers in future Ispolink events. We're looking forward to organizing the next event with even more participants and speakers soon.

In the next report

In the next report we will showcase more of our responsive design, talk about a big update of our metaverse services and much more.

So stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to stay informed about the latest progress. Also, join the conversation on Discord and Telegram and have a discussion with the team and our community.