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Ispolink’s public bi-weekly report #1

A look behind the scenes

With this blog post we want to establish a new format. From now on we will sum up for you what we're currently working on every two weeks in a short article, so you know what's going on behind the scenes and which product updates will be released soon.

In today's first issue of our bi-weekly report we're going to talk about our subscription packages for hiring services and metaverse services, our brand new reward center, and our new email notification system.

1) Subscriptions packages are coming

Soon as a company user you will be able to book for the services on the Ispolink platform as well as for our metaverse services. For our hiring services there will always be a free package so you can test out our basic features and figure out which package fits your specific needs the best. To give you access to advanced features we will offer a „Standard Package“ and an „Enterprise Package“. In addition to that you can customize the amount of user seats according to your personal needs and adjust the package to your team size.

For all the job seekers out there: Don't worry, our platform will always be free to use for you!

We've also consulted an auditing firm which reviewed our payment contract. We’re currently working on the report to make sure every transaction and payment will be secured and there will be no vulnerabilities.

2) Welcome to Ispolink’s reward center!

We’re currently working on our reward center. Its core purpose is to incentivize and reward our most passionate and supportive users. You’ll be able to discover multiple and diverse small quests with GameFi elements to earn ISP tokens and other rewards.

We not only want you to use our product to reach a goal - we want you to have fun while searching for your dream job and reward you for your efforts. By that, Ispolink is the first job platform rewarding its users for searching and applying for jobs.

3) New email notification system

We also updated our email notification system. Soon every user signing up will receive a welcoming email, explaining the core features of the Ispolink platform to help you to get started. Depending on the user type you choose in the signup process, you will receive an onboarding email addressing the most important features for you.

Besides that, you will be able to receive notification emails informing you about new messages, new job postings, upcoming job interviews, hiring process updates and much more.

Now you'll always be up-to-date so you can take action as fast as possible. It was never easier to stay informed and keep track of your web3 career!

In the next report

In the next bi-weekly report we will talk about a very special event the Ispolink team is currently preparing for and a big update of our metaverse services.

So stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to stay informed about the latest progress. Also, join the conversation on Discord and Telegram and have a discussion with the team and our community.