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The ATS Platform for Web3

We Build the Future of Work on Web3

Ispolink is a GameFi AI-driven platform for Web3 developers. Our cross-chain ATS platform streamlines the hiring process and empowers Blockchain, DeFi, Gaming and IT firms to source leading tech talents with AI-powered algorithms.

Future of Work on Web3

Ecosystem of AI & Gaming Products

The Ispoverse is a Play-2-Earn blockchain game and Edu infra offering unique GameFi experiences for players and brands. Ispolink's second product is an AI-driven platform for Web3 devs.

Welcome to the Ispoverse

Open-World P2E Game

The Ispoverse is an Open-World blockchain Game and Edu Infra for the next 1B users. Pioneer in GameFi as a Service, we connect players and brands via 9 distinct immersive experiences: Virtual HQs, Hackatons, Web3 Academy, Quests & Mini-games, NFT exhibitions, livestreaming, VR collaboration.

Metaverse Offices
Unique Branding
Career Fairs
NFT Galleries
Rewarding Games

Get your Metaverse Office

AI-Based Matching Engine

Ispolink leverages internal AI-based matchmaking algorithms to seamlessly connect blockchain companies with leading web3 devs and talents

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For Web3 Recruiters

Find and Hire Web 3 Talents with Ease

Today hiring tech talents is time-consuming, difficult and expensive: Firms are stuck with inefficient Web2 tools and obsolete technology. With Ispolink hiring has never been easier - we offer you powerful tools to navigate the entire selection process and source talents in a blink of an eye.

Global Talent Pool of Web3 Experts

AI-powered talent sourcing with 2 clicks

Screen applications 10x faster

Save up to 90% on hiring fees

For Web3 Job Seekers

Find your Dream Job and get Rewarded

Forget about long feedback loops and start your Web3 career today: Ispolink provides you with a simple and user friendly platform where you receive relevant offers directly from Blockchain companies in the space, while enjoying the process and earning rewards with our GameFi experience.

Sign up with your Github account in less than 5 seconds

Enjoy our GameFi experience

Refer friends, earn rewards and climb the Leaderboard

Code-2-Earn (C2E), Staking and much more

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